Techno-Fab 9000 INC. (hereafter “Techno-Fab”) introduces its limited warranty on its ladder and step ladder racks including parts and components thereof (collectively, the “Products”), unless otherwise provided herein and remains subject to exclusions described hereunder. This warranty exclusively covers the Products for a 3-year period from their date of purchase from Techno-Fab and/or from an authorized distributor. This warranty also covers the gas springs but only for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase of the Products. This warranty applies exclusively to the end user and may not be transferred to any other party or subsequent buyer of the Products. This warranty covers only new Products and is subject to the following conditions and exclusions:


Products are guaranteed only if they are assembled, installed and used according to Techno-Fab’s standards and as set out in the guide (hereafter the “Guide”) which was provided to the end-user at the time the Products were purchased. In order for this warranty to apply, the serial number must always be visible and readable on the Products and it must not have been altered.


a. Damages and breakage to the Products:

Damages, operating problems, breakage and scratches caused by any of the following situations are excluded from this warranty as they do not represent normal use:

Use of an unsuitable maintenance product;

Mechanical impacts, exposure to excessive heat or flames, exposure to chemicals such as solvents or acids, nails, screws, animals and abrasion;

Scratches caused by any element, particularly rocks, sand, or by mishandling during assembly, installation or use;

Accident, vandalism or any other form of force majeure.

b. Normal wear and tear:

This warranty does not apply to the normal wear and tear of the Products.

c. Non-compliance with the instructions provided in the Guide:

Techno-Fab shall in no event be held liable for any damage caused or arising from an assembly, installation, or an abusive usage which do not comply with instructions provided in the Guide. In accordance with the terms of the Guide, it is understood that Techno-Fab will not be liable for, but not limited to, any malfunctions, breakage, and scratching of the products and/or for any damage resulting from any parts and/or components not coming from Techno-Fab but rather from third parties, including, among others, third-party manufacturers, and which parts and/or components could potentially have been attached to the Products during assembly and/or installation and/or subsequent to these operations.

d. Authorized Distributor:

When the assembly and/or installation of Products is done by an authorized Techno-Fab distributor, the assembly and/or installation is, and remains, under the exclusive responsibility of the aforementioned authorized Techno-Fab distributor and Techno-Fab shall not be held liable in any event for an assembly or installation carried out by the authorized distributor. This warranty will not apply if Products are assembled or installed by any unauthorized person.


Notwithstanding any other laws and regulations that may apply to the warranty where the products were purchased by the end-user holding this warranty, the products are sold only with the limited conventional warranty described herein and any other implied or expressed warranty is void. of the foregoing, there is no infringement of the purchaser’s rights. techno-fab’s liability is restricted to the repair and replacement of defective products. In the event where an exact product is not available, Techno-fab reserves the right to provide and install a product of similar features and quality.

This Warranty shall not cover, under any circumstances, the sealing of the vehicles on which the Products are installed regardless of whether the installation has been carried out in accordance with the provisions herein.

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