Our history


Founded in 1993, Techno-Fab has made its mark in the design, assembly, and commercialization of ladder and stepladder racks for commercial vehicles. Its mission is to offer products designed by professionals for professionals.

Located in a brand new factory in St.Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada, since 2013, Techno-Fab serves the market via its distribution network. A dynamic team is in place to provide each customer with an attentive and personalized service ensuring that every customer is supported at every stage; from the selection of the right product to the after-sales service.

Techno-Fab products are made from extruded anodized aluminum and stainless steel which gives them their lightweight and durability. Their design is based on ergonomics and safety considerations.

Let Techno-Fab
be part of
your workday

We are pleased and proud to recommend Techno-Fab’s professional service for its higher quality and easy-to-install products as well as for its exceptional team who always listens to customers’ needs.

Patrick Chagnon

Owner at Automod St-Hyacinthe


Why choose us

Techno-Fab’s innovative, simple-to-use systems can make your industrial service truck operation exceptionally efficient. It’s what we’ve been doing for others for more than 20 years.

Techno-Fab is the only manufacturer offering the complete Industrial Ladder Productivity System that optimizes all assets: people, trucks, equipment and, of course, time.

The Techno-Fab Advantages


Padlocks can be installed on all
of our ladder racks.

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