We all want everything, available at once, ready to go, all fitting perfectly and so easy to use. With Techno-Fab, you can save time and have it all at your fingertips.

Midsection for Stepladder

  • To add on the TW-23 and TW-24 Series 2500: TO-CT-2
  • To add on the TW-33 and TW-34 Series 3000: TO-CT-3

* Not suitable for small vehicles such as Transit Connect, NV200, Metris and Promaster City

Beacon holder

  • For most models:
  • 6" Warning light rack: TO-SG-6
  • 10" Warning light rack: TO-SG-10

2nd Stage Stepladders

  • To add a 4 to 6 ft. stepladder over a TW-31: TO-ET-3
  • To add on the TW-33 and TW-34 Series 3000: TO-CT-3

PVC Tube

  • 4" assembled PVC tube: TO-TB-A4
  • 6" assembled PVC tube: TO-TB-A6
  • 4" non-assembled PVC tube: TO-TB-N4
  • 6" non-assembled PVC tube: TO-TB-N6
  • 4" kit without tube: TO-TB-K4
  • 6" kit without tube: TO-TB-K6

Additional extension arm

  • For Techno-Easy: TO-ARM-TE
  • For Techno-High: TO-ARM-TH

I would like to thank the Techno-Fab team for help in the purchasing of ladder racks parts. Further, Automod, your dealer has been really kind.

Richard Rabin

EMI Montréal

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