Discover our 5 categories of rugged and lightweight core products which will impress you by their ease of use. Each rack is delivered in a simple and complete package.


This rack allows you to maximize the space on your vehicle. The Techno-Space universal rack adapts to all types of ladders and stepladders and is suitable for almost all types of vehicles, fiberglass caps and trailers.


Clamp down roof rack which allows a user to haul ladders and stepladders and gives you the ability to add the different options.


Drop down roof rack for vehicles with low or medium roofs. Once the rack installed, you can easily change its configuration in just a few minutes and as often as you like!


For high roof vehicles. In a natural movement, the Techno-High can be deployed from a 65" height in a one-step process.


Simple, but very efficient. Basic rack for a ladder, canoe or any other objects that you must transport!


Core products - Techno-Fab

Just select the brand and model of your vehicle and discover the applicable options and product codes.


How much can the Techno-Fab Industrial Ladder Rack Productivity System really save you? Use our 3-step Saving Calculator to see for yourself.

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